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No Fault Asphalt, Inc. is a full service asphalt paving 
and maintenance contractor with over 30 years experience.We specialize in new construction of commercial facilities andDSC03339 new asphalt paving, to maintenance and repair of exiting pavement systems. Our services include: asphalt paving, asphalt slurry sealing. Asphalt Crack Sealing, Parking Lot Striping, Concrete Work, Earth Moving and Grading, Asphalt Seal Coating, Aphalt Patching, Asphalt Fabric Overlay and Survey and Design.

  • Site Preparation
  • Asphalt Paving & Repair
  • Sealcoating
  • Line Striping & Design
  • Crack Filling & Sealing
  • Bumper Blocks & Posts 
  • Concrete Repair & Curbing
  • Sealcoating & Striping
  • Concrete Work
  • Drainage


Below are some of our reference and certifications


  • CALTRANS certified company under SBA and SWBE classification
  • Sacramento County Certified SBE company
  • Supplier Clearinghouse Certified – WBE

DUNS: 616818357